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Recent Posts for: communications
  • Episode 86 - Don’t “Copy” Me: Unpacking the Copywriting Process

    Even though copywriting can be a solitary pursuit, we’re shaking things up on this episode with a copywriter roundtable. Fellow copywriters and advertising veterans, Mike Lawrence from Akhia and Matt Krupa from Marcus Thomas, join thunder::tech Creative Director Craig Israel in the studio to discuss creative writing, ideation, presentation and feedback.

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  • California Consumer Privacy Act aka GDPR Lite: Is the Nation Doomed?

    You may recall in a moment of clairvoyance a few months ago we predicted that the European Union’s GDPR would inspire others in the Western World to take up the good fight of consumer data privacy. Well, we didn’t have to wait as long as we thought. Enter Sandman! I mean… enter the California Consumer Privacy Act.

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  • Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs a Workflow

    It’s no secret that content is having a moment. Over the past few years, marketers across verticals and industries have become hip to the idea that in order to have a successful marketing program, they need a strong content strategy to propel it.

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  • What It's Like Interning at thunder::tech

    As the days leading up to my college graduation rapidly approached, I found myself feeling slightly panicked (and a little lightheaded) at the thought of having to become an “actual adult” and begin a “real career” so soon. With public relations being such a vast field, applicable to many industries, I knew I had a background that would allow me a lot of freedom when choosing a career path. And while freedom can be, well, freeing, it can also be quite terrifying, as there is no direct path to take.

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