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Recent Posts for: communications
  • Impact of the FTC Violation Fine for YouTube and Advertising

    Do you have kids or know a child between the ages of three and 10? Well, chances are you have heard of the insanely popular YouTube channels Ryan ToyReview or Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes. Channels like these have tens of millions of subscribers and even more monthly views.

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  • 4 Crucial Key Points to Building and Maintaining Client Relations

    Client relations is a topic that tends to get lost in the midst of articles that describe ways to increase social media followers, signing a 6-figure project, how to grow your brand overnight and so on, but how do you build on those relationships that help establish the foundation for your brand?
    Here are the 4 key points to help you navigate the waters with your customers/clients.

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  • 4 Brainstorming Tips and Techniques You Must Try in 2019

    So it’s the million-dollar question… How do great ideas happen? Ever watch a commercial and think, “Wow, who thought of that?” Chances are that idea came from a group of people gathered around a conference room who were dedicated to the art of brainstorming on this one topic. But how does this practice result in great work and not just a list of so-so ideas? Let’s look at brainstorming and techniques to help improve your team’s marketing idea generation process. 

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  • Managing Marketers in the Travel and Tourism Industry

    Summer break has come to an end for most, and whether you got out of the city, county, state, country, (probably not the world, but maybe!), we all experience some type of travel or tourism through the season. However, have you ever thought to yourself what these travel/tourism hot spots do to properly market themselves to the people?

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