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Recent Posts for: graphic design
  • A Series on Logo Design, Part 3: Using Your Logo Correctly And Enforcing Its Application

    There’s still some heavy lifting to do. Now you need to ensure that fancy new logo doesn’t get screwed up by Russ in accounts receivable when he places it into a word document. We’ve all seen that distorted, pixely, crooked logo that looks a little too pink before. 

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  • Dealing With The F-word: Feedback

    You’ve devoured the creative brief. Done the competitive research. Reviewed the benchmarks. Brainstormed with your peers. Spent hours crafting the copy and design. And now comes the scariest moment:
    Asking the client for feedback.

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  • A Series on Logo Design, Part 2: What Makes a Successful Logo

    Now that we know what a logo is and what types of logos exist, it might seem that designing a logo is really basic or easy. A design of such a small scale should only take a few mere hours to execute, right? But in reality that’s far from the truth when it comes to a quality logo. The designers at thunder::tech work with a strict design process that can take days, perhaps weeks to complete an effective and successful logo. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of shitty logos out there. And those are the ones that were done in an hour or so without much research and explorations. And sometimes the designer was your friend’s uncle’s nephew who “dabbles” in graphic design. I know, we’re rolling our eyes, too.

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  • A Series on Logo Design, Part 1: The Basics of Logo Design

    It’s a lot of fun to create impactful visual marks for our clients, but we also appreciate the incredible challenges associated with logo design. We have found logo creation is sometimes undervalued, as some folks don’t fully understand the value of a logo to their business or perhaps what a logo actually is and what it provides. In this series, we explore logo design beginning with a logo is, what it isn't and the different types of logos.

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