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Recent Posts for: graphic design
  • A Crazy, Thunderous Summer

    Summers are supposed to be a bit laid back, but this year in marketing land, apparently no one wanted to fall into the summer slump. thunder::tech saw a record Q3 in new and returning client work. This marketing work came in from all over the country, including additional clients in Michigan, Denver, Youngstown, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Northwest Ohio and Sacramento.

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  • Episode 86 - Don’t “Copy” Me: Unpacking the Copywriting Process

    Even though copywriting can be a solitary pursuit, we’re shaking things up on this episode with a copywriter roundtable. Fellow copywriters and advertising veterans, Mike Lawrence from Akhia and Matt Krupa from Marcus Thomas, join thunder::tech Creative Director Craig Israel in the studio to discuss creative writing, ideation, presentation and feedback.

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  • Print Isn’t Dead! And It's More Exciting Than You Might Think

    Print media still holds a special appeal to audiences—more than they think—and we actually see it back on the upswing. In a world of increasing digital brand presence where screens are in your face practically everywhere, a physical object you can hold in your hand is now something really special again.

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  • Collaboration Does Not Equal Consensus

    “Collaboration” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the marketing industry. Everyone agrees collaboration is the obvious and sensible pathway to achieving great results. However, even well-intentioned participants can completely wreck the creative process when they strive for consensus instead of collaboration.

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