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Recent Posts for: graphic design
  • Package Design and Consumer Behavior

    You’re standing in a store aisle, scanning the colors and shapes that fill the shelves, either looking for the usual brand you know and trust or waiting for a new one to pop out at you and tempt you to try it. We’ve all been there. Debating between this or that. But how do we pick? What makes it harder to decide? Or easier? What affects our buying behavior?

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  • Analyze Your Competitors, Don’t Copy Them: UX Design

    As designers at thunder::tech one of our most important jobs is to improve, reimagine and create friendly and inspiring website journeys. Because of this, we focus on how the end user will view and experience the site and how the user will engage with that experience. 

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  • A Series on Logo Design, Part 3: Using Your Logo Correctly And Enforcing Its Application

    There’s still some heavy lifting to do. Now you need to ensure that fancy new logo doesn’t get screwed up by Russ in accounts receivable when he places it into a word document. We’ve all seen that distorted, pixely, crooked logo that looks a little too pink before. 

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  • Dealing With The F-word: Feedback

    You’ve devoured the creative brief. Done the competitive research. Reviewed the benchmarks. Brainstormed with your peers. Spent hours crafting the copy and design. And now comes the scariest moment:
    Asking the client for feedback.

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