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Recent Posts for: graphic design
  • The Deadly Sins in Graphic Design: Graphic Design Faux Pas

    Graphic design is a profession that embodies skill and precision in order to effectively communicate. This requires strict guidelines and standards that go into turning our work into a success for our clients. Any mistakes or oversights can potentially damage their visual brand, their message or worse, the overall image of the company. It sounds extreme, but a few sloppy habits can fundamentally change everything.

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  • Episode 109 - Creative Faux Pas: Creative Crimes You Shouldn’t Commit

    When it comes to creative design, there are tips and tricks, but there are creative crimes you shouldn’t be committing. Creative crimes could be using the wrong typeface or too many together or leading spacing. On this episode, joining Creative Director and host Craig Israel is Joe Cola, Art Director, to break down which crimes are punishable by eraser (or delete button.) 

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  • Package Design and Consumer Behavior

    You’re standing in a store aisle, scanning the colors and shapes that fill the shelves, either looking for the usual brand you know and trust or waiting for a new one to pop out at you and tempt you to try it. We’ve all been there. Debating between this or that. But how do we pick? What makes it harder to decide? Or easier? What affects our buying behavior?

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  • Analyze Your Competitors, Don’t Copy Them: UX Design

    As designers at thunder::tech one of our most important jobs is to improve, reimagine and create friendly and inspiring website journeys. Because of this, we focus on how the end user will view and experience the site and how the user will engage with that experience. 

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