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Recent Posts for: multimedia
  • Video Marketing Isn't Just For B2C

    Video marketing isn’t just for B2C brands. According to a Hubspot survey, 75% of business executives watch work-related videos at least weekly. Video is a great way to get your customers familiar with your brand, products and services. With two minutes or less, you can get more information to your customer than they would get reading your website for the same amount of time. 

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  • What Not to Do When Hosting a Podcast

    We imagine that this is the thought that crosses a lot of folks’ minds when considering becoming a host or a co-host of a podcast. For some, this thought alone would be enough of a deterrent to keep them from even trying. For others this thought may propel them to take a serious look at why they’re interested in podcasting and determine what kind of host or co-host they want to be when the microphones finally turn on. 

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  • thunder::cast - Trends Summer Reader 2017 Special: Preparing Your Brand to Live in a Multimedia World

    One of the five-part series of podcasts connected to our 2017 Trends Summer Reader publication. On this episode, Manager of Multimedia Matt Stevens and Senior Multimedia Specialist Christian Daugstrup break down what brands should consider when adding multimedia to the marketing mix. Using examples such as Mr. Clean and Progressive Insurance’s Flo, they discuss the importance of figuring out what your brand sounds like and how to effectively show off your brand’s personality to increase awareness and audience engagement.

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  • thunder::cast: New FAA Drone Regulations + 360 Video

    The power of video is undisputed in the marketing world and has become a go-to tool for nearly every marketer. In this episode, two guests from thunder::tech’s multimedia team, Matt Stevens and Christian Daugstrup, drop by the studio to share the FAA’s new regulations governing flying commercial drones at night, and to discuss how brands are using 360 video to create immersive audio and visual experiences.

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