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  • Episode 89 – Digital Display Advertising and Programmatic Buying

    Digital display ads and programmatic buying are a part of a business’s PPC campaigns and becoming more and more common to companies and customers. On this episode, thunder::tech’s Account Services Group Manager JP. Krainz and Integrated Marketing Coordinator Dan Lyons address what digital display ads are, what programmatic buying is and how middle market companies can use it to reach those niche customers

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  • Security Grudge Match: WordPress vs. Kentico vs. Drupal vs. Umbraco vs. Django

    Working in the web development field, you get hands-on experience with products called content management systems, usually abbreviated as CMSs. They are handy applications that give the administrators and editors of websites easy ways to publish content and manage users. These systems all have their own strengths and weakness, especially when it comes to the big, important and potentially expensive topic: security.

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  • How Does GDPR Impact Your SEO Strategy?

    Are you hearing the term GDPR buzzing around the office? Many of our clients have been wondering, “What is GDPR, and how will it impact my business’ SEO?” Well, our optimization team at thunder::tech is here to save the day. We’ll provide you with the information needed to catch up on GDPR, assess the potential impact on SEO and what steps you can take to make sure you’re following best practices and creating a great user experience for your customers.

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  • Google Marketing Live 2018 Brings Platform Changes

    Recently, we (virtually) attended Google Marketing Live 2018. Like many marketing and tech conferences, it began with several dudes standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling screen wearing their best blazer and jeans combo—otherwise known as the standard Silicon Valley tuxedo. 2017 is behind us, and it’s time to adopt a new style. No, we’re not talking about blazers and jeans; we’re talking about the new Google Marketing Platform.

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