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Recent Posts for: social media
  • Episode 88 - thunder::tech Celebrates 1,000 Blog Posts

    Break out the party hats and noise makers, because we have a lot to celebrate! On this episode of thunder::cast, we’re marking a big milestone in thunder::tech’s history – 1,000 blog posts! To mark this monumental content achievement, Craig is joined in the studio by Kelly McGuire, Market Development Manager, and Madison Letizia, Communications Department Manager, to discuss our blog writing process and approach, lessons learned and so much more! 

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  • Putting Out a Social Media Crisis: A Plan of Action and How to Deal With Trolls

    What spreads and goes viral faster than news about a new Taylor Swift album or a meme of a professional football player retiring at half time? The answer: a social media crisis. Sometimes, a social media crisis will ignite a spark that starts a fire. When that happens, you are going to need a good hose (plan) to put it out—and fast.

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  • Social Media and the Dreaded Monthly Report

    It’s the end of the month, and your boss comes to you and asks you for the dreaded “R” word… a report. He or she wants a report on last month’s social media numbers and wants to know what could be changed for next month. You, the social media guru, start to panic even though you know what metrics you look at consistently. No need to panic. We can help you create a simple, effective and badass social media report.

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  • Are You a Content Creator? Instagram's IGTV Says Yes, and Here's Why

    Just when you thought you were on top of all the tips, tricks and features, Instagram slides into your DMs with another update. Yep. Another new feature you have to get on board with. Or do you? We’re breaking down the app’s latest and greatest.

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