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Recent Posts for: web design and development
  • A Crazy, Thunderous Summer

    Summers are supposed to be a bit laid back, but this year in marketing land, apparently no one wanted to fall into the summer slump. thunder::tech saw a record Q3 in new and returning client work. This marketing work came in from all over the country, including additional clients in Michigan, Denver, Youngstown, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Northwest Ohio and Sacramento.

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  • Security Grudge Match: WordPress vs. Kentico vs. Drupal vs. Umbraco vs. Django

    Working in the web development field, you get hands-on experience with products called content management systems, usually abbreviated as CMSs. They are handy applications that give the administrators and editors of websites easy ways to publish content and manage users. These systems all have their own strengths and weakness, especially when it comes to the big, important and potentially expensive topic: security.

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  • Episode 85 - Sales Tax Regulations and the Implications for Online Retailers

    On this episode, Scott Peterson, the Vice President of U.S. Tax Policy and Government Affairs at Avalara, joins Craig Israel and Bruce Williams via Skype to discuss the changing landscape in competition, technology and tax regulations surrounding online transactions. Listen in as he shares insights and advice for online retailers.

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  • Are You Ready for TLS? Here’s How to Tell

    The deadline has passed and TLS is now required. You may be wondering, "What is TLS and how does it affect me and my website?" At thunder::tech, our support team has had the opportunity to maintain a number of different e-commerce websites requiring TLS 1.2 and has answers to some common questions we’ve gotten regarding TLS 1.2.

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