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Recent Posts for: web design and development
  • Tackling the Beast

    How to meet data compliance requirements without sacrificing customer experiences.

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  • Why is Regular Website and Digital Maintenance Support Important?

    If you’ve been searching for tips and tricks on how to find an agency to help you and your company grow, look no further. 

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  • thunder::tech’s National Food Group Site Named Kentico Site of the Year Winner

    National Food Group (NFG) is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of pre-packaged and processed foods for a variety of industrial food service facilities, including K-12 schools, correctional facilities, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities and entertainment venues. With limited functionality and accessibility on their website, the brand was struggling to showcase its company culture and innovative food solutions.

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  • COPPA and Kids Internet Safety

    With the recent talk of Facebook and Google's privacy-intrusive research apps, trust in our industry continues to grow tenuous for many. The relationships between website operators, children and their families are important and often a focus of proposed legislation around the world, due to the realities of endangered safety and these stoked anxieties. So what rules currently exist, how can we comply with them and what may be in store for our future?

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