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August 2014
Developer Pride

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Transtar Industries digital universe, but our developers took pride in reconstructing five Transtar sites over the course of the past eight months. These five new responsive web designs feature robust CMS components and slick user interfaces that dramatically improve the experience and value of what Transtar has to offer. Take a look for yourself to see why we’re so proud of our work:

Tips and Tricks
Manipulating browser history using pushState

If you were looking for a way to programmatically move forward and backward through the your browser's history, using the pushState API is the way to go. Learn more about how it works.

Trick to improve the Git Log command output

If you use Git and are tired of trying to make sense of the git log command output, we have a cool trick to help you give it a makeover. Read on to see how to transform your log command into a full-detail command line graph of your project's history.

What a Tool
git logo LINQpad

Tired of using standard SQL Syntax to query your databases? This cool tool will allow you to use LINQ to query databases in addition to testing standard .NET statements in a sandbox environment. Check it out!

Switching to Git
Our Development Department here at thunder::tech recently switched source control systems. We went from Subversion to using Git. Some of the reasons we switched are so our UX and App Dev Teams were both using the same source control systems. Another was that Git is a distributed version control system. To read up on some of the advantages of Git vs SVN, check out this blog post.

Tech Pulse
GiveCamp Logo thunder::tech @CLEGiveCamp in 2014

Another great event took place in mid-July in downtown Cleveland – Cleveland GiveCamp 2014. This event takes volunteer developers, user experience designers, copywriters and others and teams them up with local non-profit organizations to complete an IT-related project in just one weekend! Every year, hundreds of developers and other IT folks turn out for this tremendous event and thunder::tech was excited to be a part of it this year. Read more about our experience.

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