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June 2014
Developer Pride
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We are looking forward to this summer after such a "Cleveland" winter. What better way to celebrate the summer than by launching a distinctly "Cleveland" web app for none other than Cleveland’s own Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC). We collaborated on the design with their graphic artists and developed the client-side and server-side programming of this social media-integrated image-sharing app.

See the app for yourself and share some pictures of you enjoying a GLBC beer!

Tips and Tricks
Tips for Integrating a Third-Party System

Integrating your digital marketing solution, whether it is a website or a mobile application, with a third-party system can be a challenging task. Our developers shared some of their tips for integrating an ERP and an e-commerce website. Learn how to get started.

What a Tool
Codekit 2.0

In last month's edition of Code Updates, we introduced pre-processors as part of a front-end development workflow. Recently our pre-processor app of choice, Codekit, had an update. We love the original Codekit, but the new features have caused us to have a team-wide geek out. Our favorite new features are the auto-refresh, thanks to a built-in server, and the new vendor prefixer that adds extra browser compatibility to your styles by using a simple checkbox.


Grunt is a JavaScript task runner through the command line that allows for the automation of repetitive tasks for a more refined workflow. With a strong and growing community, there are thousands of plugins available for almost any process you could need.
Dive into Grunt!

Tech Pulse
Rustbelt Refresh Conference Recap
Some of the thunder::tech team recently attended this one-day web design and front-end development conference.
ISP Throttling
Five major Internet service providers in the U.S. and one in Europe have been accused of abusing their market share to interfere with the flow of the Internet for end users. According to Level 3, a communications company that helps connect large-scale ISPs like Comcast or AT&T to the rest of the Internet, these ISPs were deliberately degrading the quality of Internet services like Netflix and YouTube in order to force Level 3 into paying fees. Read more about this from The Verge.

Evolution of the Web
Ever wonder what the first web browser was? Or how much data the entire internet holds? Check out this super-cool interactive website created by a few folks from the Google Chrome team that shows a timeline of the evolution of the web. 

Introducing ASP.NET vNex
There are exciting things going on in the world of ASP.NET. A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced ASP.NET vNext. What this offers is the ability to:
  • .NET Native - Compile .NET ahead-of-time. Everything gets faster.
  • .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") - All new C# and VB compilers, new language features, compiler-as-a-service and it's open source.
  • Nextgen JIT - All new optimized JITter for the latest processors.
  • Deploy your own version of the .NET Framework on an app-by-app-basis.
These are just a few of the many cool and exciting features that ASP.NET has to offer. To read more about this, please visit Scott Hanselman's blog where he breaks down all the new features this version has to offer.

Since the announcement of the The Heartbleed Bug in April 2014 and the Target credit card breach in December 2013, web and data security has become a hot topic in the tech world. Read our blog post on how to protect your digital assets.
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