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May 2014
Welcome to another edition of Code Updates. If you have any questions or any specific topics you'd like to see in these emails, let us know at

Developer Pride
cmnh image

We are stoked that we were recognized for our UX, CMS config and systems integration work for the website we developed for a nationally renowned institution, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Check out our Kentico Top Site of the Month for March 2014.

Tips and Tricks
Want to know how the pros test it?
Get the inside scoop on how we test UX and why in our latest blog post.

open device lab

Know the right guys 

We all need to get by with a little help from our friends sometimes when it comes to digital work.It always good to 'know a guy' that can get things done quickly.


Check out the Signs You Need Support.
What a Tool
Preprocessors have become an integral of our front-end development workflow here at thunder::tech.

CSS Preprocessors Are Here to Stay from Growing with the Web is a good, quick article to start you on your way toward a more efficient and maintainable development process.
Tech Pulse
Faceted navigation
Faceted navigation, such as filtering results by price, brand or size, is a popular and effective way to help your visitors find what they are looking for. However, this method creates many URLs with duplicative content, which can wreak havoc with your SEO efforts if a rel=canonical link element isn't used. Find out what the best and worst practices are for using faceted navigation on your site here.


Outdated UX trends
Web trends such as page loaders and carousels have outgrown their usefulness, yet still exist on sites throughout the Internet. Check out this list of fallen fads, their UX issues and their modern, more effective solutions.

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