This month: video strategy, latest marketing news and consumer buyer behaviors.
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In the age of “I want it now” mentalities and short attention spans, it's crucial to have a strong framework for your business’ video strategy so you can reach your audience effectively and efficiently.

The Hero, Hub, Help Strategy

Most companies are aware that video can be a powerful tool in terms of marketing efforts. However, coming up with a video strategy is a whole different ball game. Read on to learn more about Hero, Hub, Help - a strategy that takes your video content up, up and away. 

Elevate your video strategy   

#ICYMI: News Worth Knowing

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TikTok Self-Serve Ads Platform - Social Media Examiner
Nonverbal Communication in Business - thunder:tech
Does Your Dog Have a Social Platform? - AdAge
IHOP Trolls Their Haters - PR Week
Website Design with AI - WIRED



Consumer Buyer Behaviors

Listen in as we break down how marketing has grown exponentially from age, gender and location, to behaviors and interests. Learn why you should know what individuals like, rather than large groups.

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