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Optimizing your landing pages

So your travel schedule was canceled, you're working from home and your campaigns are paused. The bright side? Now is a good time to analyze your landing pages and optimize them to shine! After all, your landing pages are the backbone of your conversion path. The support beams that hold up your palace of customer acquisition. In fact, if your landing pages were a beverage, they'd be water because they're necessary, integral and you can dress them up with fun flavors to make people like them more.

In this case, your fun flavors aren’t cherry, lemon or lime - they’re graphics, content and page speed. Determining the right formula for your page’s flavor is a process that takes time, knowledge and research.

From start to finish, here’s how to improve page results and ensure you end up with a well-optimized, sparkling lemon-lime landing page.


We hope you're all hanging in there this week. We've heard from a lot of marketers and business owners these last few weeks and we know you're all doing the best you can. We're proud of our team here too, we've jumped in and acted like a spare pair of hands wherever we could for clients. That's what being a partner means. We hope the following content can inspire or help you and your team solve a few of the daily challenges we're all facing now. As always, we're here if you need a helping hand.
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