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Strong imagery creates excitement and makes a bold statement. What is your brand saying in pictures?

What It Is

Your marketing message is more engaging when supported with powerful imagery. The right photography, expertly executed, evokes an emotional response that can range from simple interest to overwhelming desire.

What We Think

Photography helps your customers connect with your brand by creating a better understanding of your product or service’s benefits, enticing with attributes or simply helping customers visualize themselves using it.

How We Help

Our in-house photography studio is well-equipped with our own cameras, lighting, props and backdrops—including a green screen. Our experienced photographers can easily accommodate product photography, executive portraits, award shots and more. We are also available for off-site and location-specific shoots.

Finally, our in-house designers can edit, re-touch and adjust your photos until they are exactly what you envisioned.

Looking for a more turn-key solution? thunder::tech has an image library of more than 5.5 million photographs. Categories include:

  • People
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Artistic
  • Architecture
  • Travel
  • Backgrounds
  • Visual metaphors
  • Food and drink
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Symbols
  • Transportation

But don’t be overwhelmed by the vast amount of options; our design experts can do the leg work and find a selection of images that best support your brand and messaging; saving you valuable time in hunting down the perfect image yourself.

Portrait, Office & Facility Photography

Businesses frequently approach thunder::tech for portraiture (headshots) and photography of their office environment, often to use on their website. We like to reimagine these “boring” photo shoots in a unique way: Instead of a traditional headshot, we can shoot within your office or in a non-traditional fashion.

If you have a visually appealing office or manufacturing facility, we can also shoot a 360 degree image that becomes interactive on your website. We’ve shot warehouses, industrial manufacturing facilities and offices of all shapes and sizes.

Product Photography

If you sell on the Web, your product photography is influencing your customers' purchasing decisions. Great  photography that spotlights product features and details is key when it comes to selling online. Rather than trying to figure out the lighting, reflections and exposure on your own, let our in-house photographers do the work for you. We’ve shot hundreds of products and know the best way to optimize the workflow to ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the process. Our in-house studio is ideal for product photography on white backgrounds, within an appropriate environment or shot on green screen.

Advertising Photography

When a creative ad concept relies on that awesome, perfectly composed photo, stock images aren’t going to cut it. Rather than spending hours trying to find a stock image and force-fitting it into the concept, thunder::tech plans a photo shoot that will deliver the perfect image. We work with our contacts and vendors to find the appropriate talent, location, props and styling to deliver an image that really makes the concept come alive.

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