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From local, regional and national outlets to trade and web-based media, we help tell your story and recommend the best angles to pursue. Let our experts show you today’s media landscape and how to master it.
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    Media Relations Strategy

    From tactics like the traditional email pitch and press release, to cutting-edge digital media kits and pitching via Twitter, media relations is still an extremely effective marketing channel.
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    Media Outreach

    One of the greatest things about thunder::tech is the fact the Communications Department has access to a creative and development pros literally 20 yards away. What does that mean for you? Not only can we write stellar press releases, we can make your pitch come to life with interactive, digital media kits and design innovative mailed press kits without having to outsource. 
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    Media Monitoring and Analytics

    thunder::tech’s communications specialists use the latest media monitoring software to be the eyes and ears for your brand when it comes to media relations. We can track media coverage (regardless of whether it is tied to a specific public relations campaign), and provide professional advice on how to maximize media attention. 
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    Blogger Relations

    From bloggers who focus on niche industries to those who tackle regional interests, we seek out the prominent blogs covering your sector, then build relationships with the creative forces behind them to develop powerful champions for your brand. 
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    Media Training

    Our media training sessions are created to give each company representative the confidence to approach interviews with ease. We work with you on developing your message and speaking in strong sound bites that journalists love. We even show you how to handle those difficult questions you weren’t expecting.
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