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Frequently overlooked, bloggers have become instrumental in sharing news and influencing online audiences. Find out how your company can leverage the power of this emerging force.

What It Is

From bloggers who focus on niche industries to those who tackle regional interests, we seek out the prominent blogs covering your sector, then build relationships with the creative forces behind them to develop powerful champions for your brand.

What We Think

A media relations plan that doesn’t account for blogs is like a household budget that doesn’t account for groceries. Frequently overlooked, bloggers have become instrumental in sharing news and influencing online audiences, and blog mentions relating to your company or product can be an effective tool for building awareness.

How We Help

Why Blogger Relations?

Bloggers represent real people providing unfiltered information to other real people who might be your next customer or lead. In a sense, it is an advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing, except now the person sharing the information -- mom, friend, co-worker, brother, etc. -- has a large megaphone called the Internet where they can influence thousands on their purchasing habits with one open, honest opinion about your product or service.

We’ve had the most extensive experience creating relationships with bloggers in the following niches from a local to international level:

  • Family/mom
  • Travel
  • Restaurant/foodie
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle

Your niche bloggers are passionate about your industry and just waiting to be discovered. We have a thorough process for identifying and pitching the appropriate bloggers for your goals, and we can tap into our blogger database to get the results you need.

What are the Benefits of Blogger Relations?

  • Credibility: Bloggers add authenticity to your message which can ultimately earn you trust and credibility in the eyes of those who matter most.
  • Long-term relationships: Interacting with bloggers should be an on-going, two-way process. By developing these relationships, your network grows stronger and bloggers become ambassadors for your brand.
  • Compelling content: Bloggers are storytellers and know how to engage readers in a conversation – your conversation.
  • Online mentions never die: When a blogger talks about your brand, their content will exist forever. Once blog content is published, Google will find it and never let it go.

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