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With every media relations effort, it’s critical to track results to measure success. Know when and where your brand is mentioned with media monitoring and analytics.

What It Is

thunder::tech uses the latest media monitoring software to be the eyes and ears for your brand when it comes to media relations. We can track media coverage (regardless of whether it is tied to a specific public relations campaign), and provide professional advice on how to maximize media attention.

What We Think

Most people, when surveyed, say the most trusted forms of advertising and marketing are word-of-mouth and print media. Not too surprising, right? Getting into these outlets, and their online counterparts, today is possibly harder than ever before, and once you’re there, how do you know what’s happening with your story?

How We Help

Media monitoring is an essential service for protecting your brand. We monitor coverage for tone, factual accuracy and even audience perception and understanding through comments and by completing requested action, for example. By knowing what is being said about your company, we can prevent the spread of potentially damaging misinformation and spread the good news even further. In addition to monitoring campaign-related hits for your company, we follow news trends and reporter inquiries to identify additional opportunities for coverage for your brand.


With every media relations effort, it’s critical to track results to measure success. We work with you to establish benchmarks at the outset of the campaign. At the conclusion of each campaign, we provide you with hit recaps that show all the coverage generated by the PR campaign, with analysis of key metrics that measure the quality of the hits.

thunder::tech’s media relations reports and analytics are designed to:

  • Identify the audience that your brand has reached
  • Gain insight into how your brand is perceived and being discussed
  • Measure the success of your PR campaigns
  • Maintain relationships with the media covering your brand and industry

These reports guide you in a step-by-step fashion with action items that are clear and specific to your goals.

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