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Embrace the growing trend of digital signage. From designing and producing the content to sourcing the hardware, we'll make you shine brighter than ever.

What It Is

Impress your customers and clients with an interactive installation at your office, special event or trade show booth. Digital signage is becoming more common in just about every industry as it has become more affordable. There are many advantages to digital signage over traditional printed signage, including dynamic moving content, interactivity and tightly targeted advertising.

What We Think

The decreasing cost of digital signage hardware is making it accessible to everyone. It’s a great way to deliver unique content to your customers in real time. Digital signage allows you to showcase many things.

How We Help

thunder::tech has planned and executed installations incorporating photo booths with social media sharing, interactive games, video screens and more. We’ve also designed and planned entire trade show experiences, as well as coordinated with vendors local to particular shows.

Dynamic Messaging

A static sign is simply that—static! Digital signage provides the opportunity to deliver dynamic, moving, engaging content to your viewers. This could be anything from providing an updated schedule of events on a sign outside a conference room, to serving up messaging based on time of day or availability of services. This can be more cost effective than printing multiple signs and provides higher user engagement. It can also be used to pull live tweets or Facebook photos from your users, making them feel more engaged at an event.


Touch screen displays provide the opportunity to delivery interactive content and experiences to viewers. This could be as simple as developing an interactive product catalog with lead-generation opportunities (input your email address for a discount) to interactive games involving touch input or even sensing body movement through motion-sensing cameras. We’re always on the lookout for new and engaging technologies that enable us to provide interactivity options to our clients and theirs.


Digital signage is a great way to boost ad engagement by serving up the right ad to the right person at the right time. We’ve even seen technologies that use facial recognition to determine age, gender and attentiveness of a potential viewer! Advertising can stand alone on a screen, perhaps in a retail environment or only part of the screen real estate is used in order to generate revenue from other content (other ads, sponsored content). Digital signage can also be used by amusement parks, stadiums and other venues to promote products, services and attractions at the venue.

thunder::tech can help develop your digital signage and installation content strategy, produce and design the content and help source the hardware.

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