Presentation & Event Support

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Our team of experts can help take your presentation from a rough outline to a full-fledged, visually engaging presentation that will wow your audience.

What It Is

Whether it’s your annual meeting, speaking engagement or just an important pitch, every business needs to put on a show at some point. This often involves a presentation deck, collateral, digital signage, video loops, staging and production. We can help you with every aspect of your presentation, and we’re well- versed in last- minute projects that require special attention and iterations on a tight timeline.

What We Think

Anyone can open up PowerPoint and start typing bullet points on a slide. It takes experience and expertise to create a visually stimulating presentation that really captivates an audience. It can be stressful to put together a successful presentation—we’re there to help in every way we can to reduce your stress and help you create a cohesive experience from the big screen down to the name tags.

How We Help

Presentation Deck

We’ve worked with companies big and small to bring their visions to reality. We believe that the slides on screen should support the speaker on stage—not replace them. Our team works closely with clients to develop their presentations and come up with engaging visuals. Sometimes presentations are more intimate—we’ve also worked with clients to develop interactive presentations specifically designed to be presented one-on-one from a tablet.

Event Branding & Collateral

Our Multimedia Team has a graphic design background, which means the same team producing your presentations and motion content can work with you on all event collateral needs. This can include anything from signs to tote bags to name tags created on the fly.

Digital Signage & Branding

If your venue has screens, we can fill them with branded content. We’ve worked with screens large and small including all the LED boards in an NBA arena. Digital signage helps make an event a cohesive, branded experience.

Supplemental Video

We can fill in the gaps between speakers with short videos to help keep the presentation engaging. This can include intros, hype videos, advertising, brand awareness videos and even just comic relief between segments. This content can often be reused online and in other presentations so you get more out of your multimedia investment.

On-Site Support

We all know last minute revisions and technology glitches happen at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we offer to be on-site at your meeting or even to make sure the show runs smoothly and be ready for last minute curve balls. Our team is great at putting out fires!

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