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As one of the most captivating marketing approaches, video can entertain and inform your audience. We have the equipment and creative minds to produce engaging videos in-house. And action!

What It Is

Video is a great way to quickly grab—and hold—their attention in a very memorable way. Video strategically integrated into your website can boost page ranking in search engines and increase the amount of time customers spend on your site. It can also help reduce the number of calls and emails to your customer service department by proactively answering your customers’ questions.

What We Think

thunder::tech scripts, plans, sources talent, produces and delivers productions, big and small, using equipment we own all with our in-house crew, making the production more cost effective. Whether you want to shoot a quick in-studio product video or go on the road and shoot from moving vehicles while explosions rock the background, we’ve probably done it. And if we haven’t, we probably have been waiting to try it.

How We Help


For many professional service firms and non-profits, the best way to their story is through the words of their own staff and customers. Although these videos are never scripted, we first work with you to develop an outline and a list of questions for interviewees to make sure that we capture all key messages that need to be conveyed in the final piece. Our Communications Team helps facilitate an engaging conversation with interviewees during the shoot. We then combine the best parts of the interviews with additional footage (B-roll) and graphics to deliver a powerful video you can use on your website and social channels, as well as internal presentations and meetings.


Commercials aren’t just for TV anymore. Companies large and small are producing ads that are served up on the Internet via YouTube, ad networks or their own website. A scripted promotional video can help sell a product or service by showing it in action, having satisfied customers talk about it, demonstrating its features via animation… or all of the above! Promotional videos come in various formats and sizes from educational to off-the-wall funny; each crafted to gain awareness and engagement. Check out the thunder::tech portfolio for dozens of great examples.

Live Event Coverage & Streaming

Live events only happen once, but when professionally recorded, the event can be experienced again and again. Our team can attend and capture your sales event, annual meeting or seminar, and have the footage streamed live to remote audiences, edited together for later viewing on your website, viewed by presenters to help refine their presentation skills or simply archived for future use.

Whatever the production, once it is finished, our in-house teams can help you deliver the video via the web (optimized for all devices!), disc, flash drive or broadcast.

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