Front End Development

form and function combine

What it is

thunder::tech’s front end developers take great pride in bringing your digital presence to life, creating intuitive website layouts and functionality that produce engaging user experiences. All of this is designed to make your website, application and landing pages both effective and enjoyable for users, allowing your website to be the best resource for your customers and potential customers.

What we think

Through our years of experience and the supporting data we have collected, we know a website that is intuitive and easy to use performs better both for the user and for the company it represents. We leverage our industry knowledge as well as our unique User Experience Lab ( to ensure our clients have peace of mind knowing their digital assets have been tested extensively on multiple devices and platforms.

How we help

Our front end developers work directly with thunder::tech’s team of skilled digital designers and optimization specialists to create elegant, effective, SEO friendly website designs. Beginning with design comps or layout mock-ups and wireframes and carrying all they way through to the final live site, the team works with the client to ensure their vision becomes reality.

Need guidance on Section 508 or ADA standards and compliance? Our front end developers can walk through the process with you and help to translate what can sometimes be confusing information into an easy-to-understand format so your website meets the mandatory requirements.

We can also utilize existing design and layout files you have and deliver code to create a functioning website or landing page. We have experience working with other design agencies, internal design departments and other third parties to fill gaps and add value at any point within the lifecycle of a digital project. We bring expertise, reliability and quality to any project role. With direction and guidance from you on your needs and vision, our front end developers can provide a collaborative experience and a bulletproof set of coded templates that are ready for production.

Interested in Front End Development?
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