CMS Database Integration

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Having built our own CMS, thunder::tech is aware of what it takes to integrate something scalable and robust to fit every need a company has.

What It Is

With each new CMS comes the need for a robust and well-structured database. Today’s success stories of delivering relevant and valuable marketing and business content to the right audience involves collaboration with existing databases and systems.

What We Think

Our experience with installing and customizing content management systems (CMS) is extensive. So extensive that early in our company history, we believed in pursuing and building our own scalable and customizable CMS to fill a gap we saw in the marketplace. Since then, thunder::tech and its Development Department have deployed countless other CMS platforms for our clients.

How We Help

Armed with the knowledge of what it takes to make a good CMS and the experience of using so many diverse platforms, thunder::tech is positioned to take your company’s digital marketing to the next level. Some of the CMS tools we’ve worked with include:

We understand that every business has a very specific set of goals that should not be blanketed with a broad and untailored solution. That is why we make the effort first of understanding each client’s information systems and method of business before recommending a direction.

We have worked extensively with our clients’ internal IT systems and in-house support staff to provide the best possible solution and we can do the same for you.

Find a CMS that is Right for You!
Our clients have told us that test driving an array of Content Management Systems before selecting one greatly increased both their short-term and long-term satisfaction.
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