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  • 1/8/2019

    For the past 10 years, thunder::tech’s annual Trends report focused primarily on “what” is changing in marketing; it’s time we cover some of the “why” as well. We have included the wide view on the digitization of society and how that’s impacting brands, but, to really understand the state of the American consumer, we need to look at the whole picture. 

    In The Evolving Audience article, you will read about: 

    • Omnichannel is Real 

    • Influence 

    • Privacy grows but personalization is a must

    • Digital natives aren’t robots

    These four broad consumer behavior changes have been evolving for some time, and all overlap one another. Omnichannel is here to stay, with the path to any purchase being influenced by what we trust online. What we see online is going to keep changing with more regulation on data, yet expectations for personalization will increase with the data consumers do give you. And with all that being said, consumers still want human, traditional interactions but with digitally influenced offline expectations. Brands - stay nimble, because your customer certainly is.

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