Episode 125: Marketing Trends Vol. 12: Insights to Advertising in 2020

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  • 6/11/2020
    This is part one of the two-part series of podcasts connected to our 2020 Marketing Trends Volume 12 publication. In this episode, we are joined by three special guests, all of whom are experts in advertising. We welcome Michael Ganda from ServiceMaster DSI, Kenny Trusnik from RWB and our very own J.P. Krainz to discuss creative ad targeting, e-commerce trends and empathy marketing. Join us as we explore the strategies and trends behind adapting ads to a digital world. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • Dive deeper into empathy marketing and why it’s important
    • Creative advertising targeting and why it's important to know your audience

    Episode Quotables 

    “Advertising right now it’s tricky, google has really tightened the reins on covid-related words.”
    “I’ve always been fascinated by outdoor boards, especially ones where you can change the message based on the weather, time of day, drive time, etc.”  
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