Brand Identity

your way of saying "howdy"

thunder::tech can help you establish something entirely new for your brand or simply evaluate what you have.

What It Is

Your brand's identity is your organization's way of saying “howdy.” Make a good impression and you might strike up a worthwhile conversation. Leave your audience in pain or with a weak grip and before you know it, they're looking for someone else's hand to shake.

What We Think

Your audience will come to recognize you by your name and your visual appearance will differentiate you from competitors. Whether you want your brand identity to greet your audience with a firm handshake, a head nod or a high-five, thunder::tech aims to help you elicit a response.

How We Help

The brand architects at thunder::tech can help craft an appropriate name or system for your corporation or suite of products or services that will engage your audience while establishing your business's personality.

Buyer Personas

You may know your customers inside and out, but do you know what really leads them to make a decision? thunder::tech can help you determine this by creating buyer personas that turn customer insights into relatable attributes so that you can more effectively target them. If you want, we can even give them dramatic backstories full of intrigue and midnight train rides.

Tagline and Slogan Creation

To help support your brand's positioning, we can also establish a tagline or slogan that will clarify what you do and how you do it, as well as help people recognize and remember you.

Brand Standards

We will develop standards for how this information appears on all of your platforms, such as corporate literature and press releases, as well as how to implement it in design throughout all your marketing materials.

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