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Optimization looks at everything from what you say on your site to how you interact offline to ensure you meet your marketing goals. Let our Optimization Team show you all the ways you can be doing more with your marketing efforts.
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    Online Marketing Strategy

    Your marketing plan is what keeps your company going. It brings in new customers, it helps create new ideas and it ensures that your business keeps growing. Your online marketing strategy should do the same thing. 
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    In order to use your website or blog, a person first has to find it. Proper search engine optimization (SEO) requires proper understanding. thunder::tech works to understand your needs and the needs of your user in order to work toward a strong audience-centered message. 
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    PPC Search Advertising

    A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign will improve your ranking for highly targeted keywords, driving new users to your site.
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    Amazon Advertising

    Amazon Ads can help businesses reach new audiences, increase return on investment and drive sales propelling companies into the digital age.

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    Content Optimization Services

    What is content optimization? It’s making sure the little gnomes behind your website copy are using their fairy tale dust effectively to make your website reach your marketing goals. Well, sort of. It’s making sure your content attracts the right users and it helps them understand why you’re the best while driving them toward your goals. (See how close those two are? Easy to get tricked there.) 
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    Website Analytics Support

    A strong understanding of your website and how it’s performing is essential for ongoing success. The thunder::tech Optimization Team will run reports, analyze numbers and then explain to you what information is important and why. Our job is to educate you and decode the often confusing jumble of numbers and charts so that you can be well-informed. 
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    User Experience Testing

    When someone looks at your website, you have an average of about seven seconds to grab their attention and prove that you’re trustworthy and authoritative while directing them where they need to go next. thunder::tech makes sure this is accomplished through a few different methods. 
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    Social Media Optimization

    Our Social Media Team will make sure your social media voice is perfected and the message is clear. They will make sure that you know what’s being said and what needs to be done. After implementing social media optimization, we begin to analyze the results. 
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