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What is Amazon advertising?

Amazon advertising is the process of delivering digital advertisements to users visiting Amazon’s website or websites in their network of partners. Similar to other paid search platforms such as Google Ads and Bing, Amazon gives the advertiser the ability to choose from several ad options depending on the campaign strategy.
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Are Amazon Ads Right for Your Business?

We hear this question (and others) quite often from clients across a variety of industries and of many sizes in both B2B and B2C markets. To help understand if Amazon ads are right for you we often approach each potential project with several questions:
  • Are your margins wholesale-friendly?
  • Are your operations wholesale friendly?
  • What are your key marketing priorities?
  • How much control do you require over retail pricing?
  • Are there any MAP (Minimum Advertising Price) policies in place?
Along with case-by-case questions related specifically to your business needs and marketing goals.

How Can thunder::tech Help You?

thunder::tech provides your company with a team of Amazon experts to build upon your existing Amazon strategy or begin your very own Amazon advertising journey.

If you don’t have a clear strategy in place, we can help you build robust paid advertising campaigns designed for brand awareness, conversions and remarketing.

Amazon Advertising Audit

For clients who have an established Amazon Ads account with a strategy in place but are looking for better results or a fresh set of eyes on their account, thunder::tech's Amazon Audit is a starting point. We will begin the audit with an in-depth analysis of the account structure, keyword strategy, seller position and online presence followed by a competitor analysis. A list of items covered in the audit can be found below:
  • Account structure
  • Operational concerns/improvements
  • Paid campaign performance
  • Organic performance and optimization
  • And more
During the audit, thunder::tech’s will become more comfortable with your account structure and operations, the brand, short- and long-term goals, and the competition in the current market.

Upon completing the audit, thunder::tech will present a comprehensive report outlining the information found along with recommendations to improve performance and scale. The presented report and recommendations are custom to fit your goals and branding.

Amazon Ad Campaign Setup

The setup of an Amazon Advertising campaign is dependent on you having an established vendor central or seller central professional account. In both scenarios, thunder::tech can assist with the setup of new ad campaigns.

thunder::tech will establish the campaign structure and goals for individual campaigns while determining what ad types are best. Common ad types may be:
  • Sponsored products
  • Headline search ads
  • Display ads
During this process, our team of Amazon experts will also conduct keyword research, product category analysis and ad copy creation to make sure your ads are performing to their highest potential.

Ongoing Advertising Management

thunder::tech’s can assist you with the day-to-day management that most companies either don’t have the time for or require additional support to grow. Monthly management can include the following:
  • New campaign setup
  • Campaign restructuring
  • Ad copy creation
  • Ad copy testing
  • Product detail page optimizations
  • Ad type experiments
  • Negative keyword list building
  • Keyword match type testing
  • Ongoing keyword research
  • Budget management
Curious about starting your Amazon journey or just need a little extra help with the day-to-day optimizations and insights? Don't miss out on one of the fastest growing advertising platforms. Give us a call or contact us today!
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