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Your content needs to help users make a decision and have questions answered before people will take action.

What It Is

Content optimization is making sure the little gnomes behind your website copy are using their fairy tale dust effectively to make your website reach your marketing goals. Well, sort of. It’s making sure your content attracts the right users, and it helps them understand why you’re the best while driving them toward your goals. (See how close those two are? Easy to get tricked there.)

What We Think

Optimization is more than just plugging the keywords into the right pages. Every user has needs. Ever user wants something. Your website is about you, but it’s for the user. We have to answer users' questions and make their lives better. Plus, we have to do this while making sure to use their own terminology. Honestly, sometimes we think the fairy tale dust would make things easier.

How We Help

Optimized content depends on a few key factors:

  • Clear and engaging titles
  • Easy readability
  • Website copy that naturally pulls users’ eyes through the page
  • Messaging that completely gets your point across
  • Simple explanations that do not go on unnecessarily or use difficult language
  • Clear next steps and calls to action
  • Information readers find interesting
But how do you know that your content is actually optimized? How do you know that someone isn’t just “best guessing” on what they think will be effective? Two ways:

On-Page Content

At thunder::tech, we love our tools and our content optimization tool is no exception. We deliver reports to you detailing how your content matches up to your website and what is really being optimized. Then, using this same tool as a guide, we tweak and update your content to change the message based on what you need to say. Then we provide a clear and understandable grade that details precisely why the updated content is more effective and how to keep improving it.

During this stage, we make sure your content is giving users something they can use to make a real and informed decision. We look at what’s being said and if we are actually answering questions or simply raising more.

Content Structure

After evaluating the content itself, we look at precisely how the words are put on the page. Do they help pull a user through the content to your goal? Are the key areas called out and focused on? Do we need to add something?

While there is no “one size fits all” method to content structure, we do approach each page with sound empirical evidence behind our decisions. When we suggest a change, we explain to you why we are making this change so you can be informed and use that knowledge in the future.

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