Social Media Optimization

choose your words carefully

Social media can attract users and potential business. Optimization can ensure that you're engaging who you need to be.

What It Is

Our Social Media Team will make sure your social media voice is perfected and the message is clear. They will show you what’s being said and what needs to be done. After implementing social media optimization, we begin to analyze the results.

What We Think

Social media is all the rage these days, but is it right for you? You have enough to think about without having to concern yourself with whether a certain network is a good fit or if you’re targeting people in the right ways.

How We Help

To help you, our Social Media Team ensures you're on the right channels and everything you say and do is geared to help drive a very specific point. Then fine tune and tweak everything so that it becomes an unstoppable force.

Social Media that Drives Traffic

We have to look at what’s working and what’s not. Does time of day help? Does placement of a link help? Does a story or post use just the right words to attract engagement and clicks? Using proper URLs, tagging, photos and more, we can mesh our social media campaigns with our optimization analytics so we know precisely what is working and what isn’t to drive your social media audience to your website goals.

Social Media that Completes Goals

Just like analyzing your traffic, looking at what’s actually working and what isn’t when it comes to your goals and tactics is important. Sometimes we find that certain times of day or posts work better on certain social media channels. Sometimes we find that no matter how hard we try, certain networks just won’t lead to a successful visit with your audience.

But once we merge our social media with our optimization tracking and analytics methods, we develop a very strong idea of precisely what needs to happen next to continue improving. This means that we use your social media campaign’s message to help adjust and tweak your website and your message by gauging what works. Some of what we do is:

  • Create dedicated landing pages
  • Adjust on-page language
  • Move calls to action
  • Deliver the right message
  • Create and drive the appropriate action

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