Website Analytics Support

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Your analytics tell you everything you need to know about your site, from how it's being found to how it's being used.

What It Is

A strong understanding of your website and how it’s performing is essential for ongoing success. The thunder::tech Optimization Team will run reports, analyze numbers and then explain to you what information is important and why. Our job is to educate you and decode the often confusing jumble of numbers and charts so that you can be well-informed.

What We Think

From agreeing to throw a dinner party to accepting a free tattoo, a person can’t make a sound decision in life without all of the information. The same principle applies to your website. In order for you to understand what actions need to be taken you need to properly understand what actions are already being taken.

How We Help

Website Analytics Reporting

It’s vital to review your website’s performance at least once each month. But you don’t have the time to download, organize and pore over the data. That’s why thunder::tech creates reports that actually say something you can understand and use to improve your efforts.

We customize reports based on individual needs and wants. Your business is unique and so are your customers. Your reports should reflect this. We get to know you and help you understand what you need to look for and how to make beneficial changes.

Our team has worked with more than 30 types of statistical packages from Google Analytics to Radian6, from Brandwatch to Moz, so we’ve got plenty of ways to see how you’re performing. Whatever you throw at us, we can dissect and turn it into something easy to understand.

Website Analytics Education

Sometimes you just want your team to be up-to-date and aware of what you can do with your analytics. Let’s face it: Some tools can be downright confusing with tricky ways of accessing what you want. To help you get the most out of your analytics, we offer training in which we carefully educate your staff and answer any questions they have. We then follow it up with easy-to-follow examples and instructions that your team can reference as they get comfortable.

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