Communications Analysis

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Communication isn't a one-way street. We listen. We evaluate how your communication efforts are being received and help you to improve.

What It Is

You distributed your marketing materials to your targeted audiences and executed your entire communications campaign. Now what? We seek out the most effective tools to help us analyze and evaluate our clients’ communications efforts and opportunities. We can track social media mentions, media hits, competitor behavior and email open rates, just a name a few.

What We Think

thunder::tech employs an inquisitive group of marketers who are always asking “why didn’t this work,” “how can we improve this” and “what can we do next time” when other people may be tying up the loose ends and walking away. A marketing campaign is nothing without proper evaluation.

How We Help

We’ll work with you to determine what metrics are the most important for you and how often you’d like to receive a report. Then, we’ll package our data into a report complete with charts, graphs and easy-to-digest summaries. Not only does this help support our severe love for charts and graphs, but it helps you quickly get the information you need and even makes it easy to share with anyone you need to impress.

Strategic Communications Analysis

We don’t just leave you with numbers. Our strategic-thinking crew analyzes the data, looks for trends and presents you the background information on any spikes or interesting conclusions. Because we want you to always keep improving, we also provide suggestions for moving forward and ways you can improve results.

We’ll be on hand to walk you through the information and answer any questions, but we pride ourselves on creating reports that are easy on the eyes and easy on the brain. You know your marketing goals like the back of your hand. We arm you with the data and supporting strategy that will help you streamline your process and discover new opportunities to excel.

Communications Insights

From monthly media hit mention recaps and social media reports to one-off content audits and individual campaign overviews, thunder::tech can provide you with insights that support your current marketing initiatives or offer suggestions for improvement. We can create reports based on whatever time frame you need, be it weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Your data should be helping you make decisions. Make sure you’re seeing the right data.

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