Crisis Communications

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During a crisis, chances are everyone's attention will be on how well (or how poorly) you handle it. Our team will be on your side making sure you communicate quickly and effectively.

What It Is

Crisis communications covers everything from planning ahead for your worst case scenario to handling the fallout from that scenario when it comes to life and applying lessons learned to better prepare for next time.

What We Think

During a crisis, it’s important to stick to cautious and accurate information in all aspects of communication—from fielding questions from the media and responding in real-time on social media to addressing investors and answering the phones.

How We Help

If a company has a plan in place and key messages pre-written for a variety of possible crises, it will be in better shape to act quickly and effectively when the worst happens. Especially in the age where one bad review or one accidental tweet can go viral, there are always extreme crisis situations to watch out for.

Crisis Guidance

Our team will help guide you through the murky waters of a crisis. We’ll assist you by creating a detailed plan and telling you what to expect in the future. Our goal is to help you to navigate the crisis in the smartest way possible.

Handling the Media

The media can and will ask tough questions. thunder::tech will prepare you so that you’re ready for anything that comes your way. We can enlist our Multimedia Team to record mock interviews to help you be quick on your feet and get your messaging down.

Writing the Press Release

During a crisis, it is critical that accurate information is being communicated in a timely manner. thunder::tech’s team of copywriters can make sure that what the press receives during a crisis conveys your point of view in a straightforward and informative way.

Collateral Damage Control

Beyond the media, everyone from company stakeholders to the public at large needs to know what is going on. In times of crisis, consistent and carefully planned communication is key. thunder::tech will help make sure that nobody is left out or ill-informed.

Even if you can’t fathom planning for a potential crisis because you know you’re in good hands, it wouldn’t hurt to just sit down and brainstorm some potential problems and solutions once in a while. Our crisis communications team wil

l help make sure you can handle whatever may come your way, big or small.

When a crisis hits, our Communications Team can be your first call. Even if you don’t have a plan in place, we can think on our feet and help you expertly put out fires.

NOTE: thunder::tech does not literally put out fires (call 9-1-1 for those), but we have helped update the public and the media when a client-owned business caught ablaze.

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