Episode 66 - Infomercial Fails and Funnies

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  • 9/21/2017
    We’ve all seen them flipping through the channels late at night. Infomercials promising better, quicker and easier results. From the gimmicky to the hilarious to the downright ridiculous, thunder::cast co-hosts Craig Israel and Eric Crilow break down their favorite infomercials of all time. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • How direct response television works
    • The hallmarks of a good infomercial
    • Why good jingle is worth its weight in gold 

    Episode Quotables

    “What I like about the Clapper is that it illustrates one of the key elements about infomercials– the strength of having a jingle or catchphrase.”
    “You know what this blanket really needs? Sleeves! What I enjoy about infomercials is that almost without doubt, it’s a product that doesn’t need to exist.”
    “Oxiclean is amazing because not only is it an infomercial product, it’s one of those rare products that actually crossed the barrier from late-night TV infomercial, cheesy, hacky product to a mainstream product.”  
    “We have a lot of middle market clients who could benefit from something like this [an infomercial] because it is TV and it’s more expensive than running a print ad or banner ad, but typically these commercials are shot really inexpensively.”
    “Mighty Putty takes that infomercial convention of doing something outrageous with the product. Any job, big or small, Mighty Putty repairs them all. That’s the beauty of infomercials, you can make these outrageous, blanket claims and no one challenges you.”
    “The Shake Weight. The product that spawned a thousand parodies.”
    “The Slap Chop has another convention that I like for infomercials. The last 30 seconds are ‘real’ testimonials.”

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