thunder::tech helped an industry-leading manufacturer tell its brand story with an innovative new website


Bettcher Industries is the leading manufacturer of cutting and trimming tools for the food processing and industrial manufacturing industries. Its products help increase yield, boost productivity and reduce repetitive strain injuries for workers.
However, while its products were regarded as the best in the industry, its website was outdated, difficult to navigate and no longer indicative of its ground-breaking, innovative brand. The business was primarily B2B, so the new website needed to convey the dynamic, inventive aspects of the brand while still appealing to an audience that was largely driven by the bottom line.

Leading the herd in digital design

The first step in the process was a comprehensive review of existing content on the website. In collaboration with the client, we developed a sitemap that structured content in a manner that made it quick and easy for customers to find information they needed. thunder::tech carefully considered how to make the path to purchase as simple and intuitive as possible.

A visual design system was developed that reflected the brand’s innovative and dynamic culture and products. Animated homepage elements leveraged the company’s strong brand colors and showcased a selection of Bettcher products—as well as bringing in some of the more whimsical aspects of the brand like “Bessie,” its unofficial mascot.
Prior to launch, thunder::tech helped with written content on the site, both in creation and copyediting.
The result was a bold, exciting website that conveyed the innovation and excitement of the brand while making it easy for the just-tell-me-the-bottom-line audience to find what they needed and make a purchase.


Flying high to deepen the relationship

After the launch of the new website, Bettcher and thunder::tech continued to work together on a number of initiatives.
For example, thunder::tech’s licensed drone pilot shot flyover video of Bettcher’s iconic “big red barn” facility and grounds to be used on the website and in company videos.
thunder::tech returned to Bettcher’s facilities several times to capture still photography of a number of new products and various parts and accessories, as well as its cutting edge “Innovation Center.” These images were used extensively in company collateral, print ads, sell sheets and instruction manuals.
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