The Kresge Foundation

thunder::tech reinvented the digital presence of a leading national foundation to promote its mission of driving critical change in cities


The Kresge Foundation is a research and philanthropic organization that works to expand opportunities in American cities through grantmaking and social investment in arts & culture, education, environment, health, human services and community development. Headquartered in Detroit, the Kresge Foundation partners with nonprofit, public, private and philanthropic partners to benefit cities across the nation.

Collective feedback, Shared Prosperity

Kresge engaged thunder::tech to design, develop and support a host of digital tasks. As their digital agency of record, thunder::tech focused on three key digital properties:

The Kresge Foundation website—thunder::tech began our relationship with Kresge by creating a comprehensive taxonomy for their core site in order to improve the exploration, navigation and search of their website.

With the taxonomy and navigation work done, thunder::tech completed dozens of tasks to eliminate bugs and generally improve usability.

As part of this general overhaul, thunder::tech also improved several existing templates and created new ones for specific initiatives.

Making websites that make a difference

Next, thunder::tech was tasked with designing and/or developing several key microsites, including:

  • The 2017 Detroit Reinvestment Index—This website serves as a key portal for Kresge to share information about new investment into their hometown and to measure the significant strides Detroit has made to come back from the economic challenges of the previous decade.

  • The website was updated and refreshed from the preceding year, requiring thunder::tech to essentially reverse engineer underlying code that was developed by a previous agency.

  • The Kresge Foundation 2016 Annual Report—The typical Kresge annual report was translated into an interactive, built-from-scratch digital microsite that provided readers with a variety of interesting and engaging methods of interacting with the data, including animated graphics, scrolling modules and other unique UI elements. The microsite was also optimized for mobile, providing an equally rich experience on smartphones as on laptops.

  • The Kresge Foundation FAFSA landing page—This unique landing page highlighted Kresge’s $1.6MM grant to help boost completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid program. Using compelling imagery and personal stories of students helped by the program, the website inspired increased application and helped more young people achieve their dream of attending college.

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