Team Wendy

thunder::tech helped a helmet and protective accessories company transform its brand and expand its product offerings to a wider audience


Team Wendy is a manufacturer of professional-grade helmets, liners, retention systems and accessories. Their innovative products are used by military personnel and first responders across the world.

The company was founded by entrepreneur Dan T. Moore after his daughter, Wendy, lost her life to a traumatic brain injury received while skiing. Originally focused on advanced ski helmets, Team Wendy transitioned its focus to the design and development of impact-mitigating protective products for the military, law enforcement and search and rescue (SAR) communities.
Twenty years later, Team Wendy has come full circle with the introduction of its advanced ski SAR helmet. The company, originally founded due to the tragic loss of one life, has helped advance the research into traumatic brain injuries and has saved countless lives as a lasting memorial to Wendy.

Promoting the brand, online and offline

thunder::tech has a long relationship with Team Wendy, starting with designing its first sell sheets and launching its first modern website in 2012. Since that time, we have worked with Team Wendy extensively to produce a number of marketing materials, including:

  • Print advertising

  • Sell sheets

  • Business cards and stationary

  • Social media coaching and marketing

  • Trade show booths

  • Premium items

  • New launch photography and videos

Given our long relationship, when Team Wendy decided to update its website thunder::tech was the obvious partner to help transform its dated website and reposition it for a contemporary audience.
thunder::tech began with extensive research and client collaboration before a single line of code was written. The new site would feature e-commerce extensively, so it was necessary to strategically outline the use cases, user experience and technological capabilities to make the site as useful and intuitive as possible.
The first consideration was a new content management system (CMS) to allow Team Wendy to more easily update and manage content on its site. The chosen CMS (Kentico) also had robust e-commerce functionality, which made it a natural fit for Team Wendy’s needs and goals.
Additionally, thunder::tech was able to unify Team Wendy’s multiple backend systems to communicate seamlessly with the CMS, thereby integrating order fulfillment, payment processing, shipping and tax in one efficient user interface.
Team Wendy’s product lines were segmented into four broad categories: Military, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue and Adventure. Each category had information, products and accessories tailored to the needs and interests of that segment.
Helmets can be quickly and easily compared on key categories, making the online shopping experience easy and intuitive. Care was taken to assure the entire online experience, especially the online checkout process, was optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.
For the visual design, thunder::tech leveraged Team Wendy’s dramatic and engaging photography, letting the exciting images tell the story. Throughout the design, thunder::tech used small touches to help reinforce the strength of the Team Wendy brand, including a woven texture inspired by the retention system and the bold use of brand and product colors.  
After launch, Team Wendy saw a more than 65% increase in the amount of organic traffic to the site (year over year), a significant increase in the number of contact form inquires and a steady increase in both the number of online orders and the average sales per customer.

Promotion goes ballistic

thunder::tech has helped Team Wendy launch a number of new products, but the launch of its EXFIL Ballistic Helmet was especially noteworthy in that it was Team Wendy’s first truly ballistic (that is, bulletproof) helmet in the product line.
An integrated campaign was developed to introduce the world to Team Wendy’s latest innovation.
The first step was an engaging video that outlined the helmets qualities. thunder::tech created a video to showcase the helmet’s features using 3D animation and 2D photos. The video was used extensively by the sales team to help generate and nurture leads and to engage trade show audiences. It was also posted to Team Wendy’s website, YouTube channel and social media properties to help educate a general audience about the features and benefits of the helmet.
The video was also embedded in several media outlets’ websites as part of their coverage of the EXFIL Ballistic launch.

thunder::tech developed and managed the digital-based strategies for the campaign, including a multimedia-rich press release with media outlets.
thunder::tech’s outreach resulted in coverage by Northeast Ohio media including regional newspapers and websites, the local NPR radio station and multiple tactical gear industry sites, such as Military Times’ Gear Scout, and Predator BDU. thunder::tech’s outreach led to more than 15 media hits within three weeks following the launch of the helmet.
Continuing thunder::tech’s working relationship with Team Wendy, the agency’s graphic designers created several pieces of collateral for the launch. The work included a double-sided marketing sheet that showcased the helmet’s specs and features, as well as print ads and a banner image for Each piece carried a consistent, rugged look that evolved from the brand thunder::tech has worked with Team Wendy to create over the past decade.

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