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social media event awareness & real-time conversation monitoring

  • Social Media Event Awareness & Real-Time Conversation Monitoring Image
    Social Media Event Awareness & Real-Time Conversation Monitoring Image

    Social Media Event Awareness & Real-Time Conversation Monitoring

    If you missed it, Donald Trump is a presidential candidate. Why do we care? He and 15 other potential candidates came to Cleveland on Aug. 6, 2015 to participate in the first nationally televised GOP Debate and brought with them media, visitors and planeloads of committee members who spent nearly a week in Cleveland working and playing, and most importantly, sharing stories about Cleveland’s recent growth and development.
    Why is this important? The Cleveland 2016 Host Committee and thunder::tech have joined forces to capture, engage and facilitate online conversations about the city from these visitors leading up to the 2016 Republican National Convention also being hosted in Cleveland. This opportunity gave the team an early look into what the national event may be like in 2016, but most importantly, allowed us to gather information on visitors’ needs, interests and trends to better prepare to support next year’s event.
  • How

    How'd we do it?

    We began listening to social media conversations early in the summer to create a social media monitoring dashboard of keywords and phrases that could be used during the week by visitors and media in order to more easily track conversations before, during and after the event. We also started promoting the brand hashtag, #2016CLE, early via shareable images to help establish it among audiences prior to the debate, including a debate countdown. Overall, the hashtag created nearly 224,000 impressions. Prior to the event, the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee released its video highlighting Cleveland’s renaissance for new audiences in order to explain why Cleveland is a destination for travelers of all varieties. The video reached over 17,000 people on Facebook alone.
    At the end of the week, the Cleveland 2016 social media channels gained new followers and fans, many of who were media members, and increased engagement and hashtag usage among the target audience.
    Want to learn more? Join the conversation with #2016CLE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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